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Last year Classic Boat magazine’s Editor, Dan Houston, called to ask if I’d mind the magazine running some material from our encyclopaedic Cruising Hints by Francis B. Cooke. Well of course not! I sent over the book and thought no more about it until the...

Xanax Online Reddit

After being the keeper of a number of classic wooden craft from 13ft to 33, I have come full-circle and returned to ‘sail & oar’ as the best fit for my current rather busy circumstances. TEAL is a superb build by Fabian Bush of Rowhedge in Essex (and...

2Mg Xanax Bars Online

Apologies for the length of this our inaugural blog post—it will not be typical! The five-year experiment that has been Lodestar Books has reached a watershed lately, with the adoption of a new look and feel for most of our output. By moving from short-run digital...

Xanax Visas Z Les

Believing—and being told by those who will know— that our books have great trade potential is one thing, getting them into the trade is quite another! So earlier this summer Lodestar Books ‘signed up’ with independent trade reps Signature Books to promote...