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Tom Cunliffe was so taken with Ben Crawshaw’s shoestring sailing adventures on the Catalan Coast of Spain, and with our book in which Ben describes them with great modesty and honesty, that he secured three entire pages of the new issue of Yachting World to...

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VIOLA—The Life and Times of a Hull Steam Trawler, just published, is an engrossing read in its own right, and is riding the crest of a wave of interest in all matters World War I, especially as it affected the British at home. Some 800 trawlers and their crews,...

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Colin Jarman reviewed Blokes Up North and An Eye for a Boat in October’s Yachting Monthly; here are some highlights. Of Blokes, the account by two Royal Marines officers of their North-west Passage expedition in a 17ft open boat : Written with alternating...

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Readers of Classic Boat magazine will hardly need introducing to Sauntress, the stunning 28ft gaff cutter built in 1913 by Wright & Harris in Cardiff. She made the CB ‘Top 200’ boats in a reader poll some years ago, so of course was still listed when...

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At the top end of London’s Shaftesbury Avenue there has existed, for the past 125 years, and elsewhere for 400 years altogether as a maker and supplier of rope, the yacht chandlery Arthur Beale Ltd. It has somehow survived into 2014 with no online presence, and...