In an age of ‘commoditized content’ there is now a renewed trade focus on the well-produced physical book, to help distinguish the well-curated bricks-and-mortar bookshop from its online competitors. We like to think we are a part of this renaissance (is that too strong a word?), with our affordable, high-quality sewn, flapped and matt-laminated softcover titles, which do justice to the words and pictures contained, and give an impression in the hand which cannot easily be conveyed online.
We hope you will stock our books, which are very well reviewed and received worldwide,  and have a wider general or regional appeal than their subject-matter might suggest; your customers will be pleasantly surprised to encounter their strong combination of content, production quality and price, and we think they will not tarry long on your shelves; you can get them on your usual trade terms from our distributors Central Books, and from the wholesalers Gardners and Bertrams. Note that trade distribution of the H W Tilman titles is handled by Cordee Ltd and wholesalers on behalf of our co-publisher Vertebrate Publishing.
We can also supply the trade outside of the UK on terms comparable to your domestic marketplace; please use our Contact page to reach us.