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We haven’t burdened it with our name—we figured that those who recognise the design won’t need it, and others may be sufficiently curious to engage you in conversation. It’s well-made in high-quality dark blue heavyweight cotton, and sizes are generous in girth and...

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When we published For the Love of Sauntress in 2014, Tom Cunliffe was moved to email: “Dick, how do you keep finding these great writers?” Martin O’Scannall’s beautifully written account of his restoration of, and forty-year love affair with, a...

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Yes, the book which launched Lodestar Books in 2009 is back in print in a high-quality softcover edition. Described as ‘A wonderful volume’ by Jenny Bennett at WoodenBoat magazine in her three-page review of the first edition, the beautifully...

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Veteran Tilman hand (of two Greenland voyages) Bob Comlay is our editorial researcher on the HWT Collected Edition project by Lodestar and Vertebrate Publishing, and he has a new blog of his own we can heartily recommend. His latest post there relates to the December...

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Thousands of British trawlers and their crews were recruited into service as minesweepers and U-boat hunters in the First World War, and hundreds of boats and crewmembers were lost to enemy action. One surviving vessel was Viola, the subject of our book by Robb...