When the Governor of the Falkland Islands—whose dependencies include the island of South Georgia—read our book Viola, The Life and Times of a Hull Steam Trawler, presented to him by the team of salvage experts who visited the vessel late last year, he was sufficiently impressed by her story to commission a set of postage stamps depicting the various phases of her long career. Their design is based upon images to be seen in the book, and they will be issued by the South Georgia Post Office on 21 June. As soon as the Falklands Philatelic Bureau website is repaired, you will be able to order a First Day Cover from them. A press release regarding the stamp issue can be read here.

Product Shot - Viola

Talks involving local MP Alan Johnson, the book’s co-author Robb Robinson, and interested local and national bodies, regarding Viola’s possible repatriation to Hull and her restoration, are under way and we hope to report good news on that front before too long.

Viola Stamps 1 500