Tom Cunliffe was so taken with Ben Crawshaw’s shoestring sailing adventures on the Catalan Coast of Spain, and with our book in which Ben describes them with great modesty and honesty, that he secured three entire pages of the new issue of Yachting World to review the book, and print an extract describing Ben’s 120-mile round voyage to Ibiza. All under the heading of Great Seamanship. Aye to that!

Quoting Tom:

Catalan Castaway is described as ‘a sail-and-oar story.’ This is true, but the small, beautifully-illustrated volume holds so much more than this bald statement suggests.

He later writes:

The 21st Century is full of people who want to be the biggest, the first, the greatest and every other superlative one can think of. Crawshaw isn’t like that. He is at peace in his own skin with nothing to prove. By keeping his ambitions modest, he achieves the nearest thing to perfect freedom modern Western society has to offer: a boat built by his own hand, well-found, paid for and ready for adventure.

For only £10, post-free in the UK, we think you’d be hard-put to find a better stocking-filler for the sailor in your life—or yourself perhaps. And with free First Class postage this side of Christmas, there is still time. To order, just click the image below.

Slider Castaway