Vet­er­an Tilman hand (of two Green­land voy­ages) Bob Com­lay is our edit­or­i­al research­er on the HWT Col­lec­ted Edi­tion pro­ject by Lode­star and Ver­teb­rate Pub­lish­ing, and he has a new blog of his own we can heart­ily recom­mend. His latest post there relates to the Decem­ber Yacht­ing Monthly art­icle by him, over four pages, which describes HWT through oth­ers’ eyes and exper­i­ences. The ’34 years’ refers to (in Bob’s words) ‘the infam­ous 1982 edit­or­i­al piece which sparked a lot of myths, bad feel­ing and one of the biggest irate mail­bags that Yacht­ing Monthly had ever received’. Not that Tilman is bey­ond criticism—as can be found in some of the con­tri­bu­tions to our new edi­tion of his books.