Had we been more diligent with this blog you would know that in the autumn of 2019 Martin O’Scannall, author of For the Love of Sauntress, and his partner Luis, had departed their home in Galicia, the wet & windy north-west corner of Spain, to cross the Atlantic. The beautiful 1913 gaff cutter Sauntress has been Martin’s joy for some fifty years; she was seen at Porto Santo, Madeira, by another sailor who spotted that her skipper and crew wore the same T-shirt as himself, namely the Lodestar Books one which, as we intended, served to identify each to the other as a person of impeccable nautical taste. 

Sauntress did indeed cross the ocean, to fetch up at the beautiful and un-touristy working island of Carriacou in the early spring of 2020, to be locked down by the pandemic. And there she and her complement have necessarily remained, finding a cottage ashore to make their protracted stay a more pleasant one. But we have to report that Luis fell ill some weeks ago, and was diagnosed with cancer. He was flown home to Galicia but sadly died from a disease too far advanced to be treated. Martin’s feelings at the loss of his partner of many years can be imagined. Luis was a man of many aspects, including creator of small and sublime relief carvings in that beautiful, dense material boxwood. Would you agree there is something medieval in their detail, their humanity, and their execution? Martin’s plans for himself and Sauntress are unclear, and we will keep you informed.

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