Had we been more dili­gent with this blog you would know that in the autumn of 2019 Martin O’Scannall, author of For the Love of Sauntress, and his part­ner Luis, had depar­ted their home in Galicia, the wet & windy north-west corner of Spain, to cross the Atlantic. The beau­ti­ful 1913 gaff cut­ter Sauntress has been Martin’s joy for some fifty years; she was seen at Porto Santo, Madeira, by anoth­er sail­or who spot­ted that her skip­per and crew wore the same T‑shirt as him­self, namely the Lodestar Books one which, as we inten­ded, served to identi­fy each to the other as a per­son of impec­cable naut­ic­al taste. 

Sauntress did indeed cross the ocean, to fetch up at the beau­ti­ful and un-touristy work­ing island of Carriacou in the early spring of 2020, to be locked down by the pan­dem­ic. And there she and her com­ple­ment have neces­sar­ily remained, find­ing a cot­tage ashore to make their pro­trac­ted stay a more pleas­ant one. But we have to report that Luis fell ill some weeks ago, and was dia­gnosed with can­cer. He was flown home to Galicia but sadly died from a dis­ease too far advanced to be treated. Martin’s feel­ings at the loss of his part­ner of many years can be ima­gined. Luis was a man of many aspects, includ­ing cre­at­or of small and sub­lime relief carvings in that beau­ti­ful, dense mater­i­al box­wood. Would you agree there is some­thing medi­ev­al in their detail, their human­ity, and their exe­cu­tion? Martin’s plans for him­self and Sauntress are unclear, and we will keep you informed.

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