* [Sorry!] A large (and often only slightly receding) bay.

Some readers will know that I am heavily implicated in The Albert Strange Association, a body which celebrates the life and work of that artist, writer and yacht designer. There are not that many Strange boats in the world, and of those, a substantial number live in Essex and Suffolk; every year around now we try to meet on the water one weekend. This year’s meet has just taken place on the Walton Backwaters, and involved four boats: Charm, Firefly, Galatea and Nirvana (pictured above), yawls all. The tides were not that useful to us this year, and the weather a little breezy, but we all criss-crossed Pennyhole Bay for an afternoon, some having reefed, some who should have, before rafting up in the Walton Channel for a convivial supper.

All of which forms the pretext for me to inform you that Lodestar Books will publish a new, softcover edition of the ASA book by John Leather, Albert Strange, Yacht Designer and Artist (1990 and long out of print) in the first quarter of 2015. It will look somewhat different to the original cover (trust me!), will be large-format but not A4 (which is not a book size), and we will replace the plainly typeset early cruising yarns with facsimiles of their original Yachting Monthly pages from 100 years ago, which are quite charming. We are sorry to disappoint the online dealers asking ludicrous prices for the first edition. The new edition will be an opportunity for us to include some more up-to-date photos and information for the surviving craft featured.

Product Shot - Strange 1