… from two writers who really know what they’re talk­ing about. Both Keith Mus­cott and Paul Con­stantine put pen to paper for the latest issue of Dinghy Cruis­ing, the quarterly journ­al of the Dinghy Cruis­ing Asso­ci­ation, and we thank them pro­fusely for their most intel­li­gent and per­cept­ive cov­er­age of Ben Crawshaw’s book, both its con­tent and pro­duc­tion. Ben’s per­son­al achieve­ment in the face of ser­i­ous ill­ness, and of course minus­cule budget, is a true inspir­a­tion. We have recently heard that sur­gery he under­went some weeks ago appears to be a suc­cess, and he hopes to be back on the water soon. We wish him well. You can read the review by click­ing below.

Catalan Cast­away DCA Review