Bob Interview

Our co-pub­lish­er on the Tilman series, Ver­teb­rate Pub­lish­ing, has recor­ded a fas­cin­at­ing inter­view with ex-Tilman hand Bob Com­lay, who was instru­ment­al in draw­ing togeth­er the many con­trib­ut­ors to the new edi­tion, and in advan­cing the cause via the sail­ing press and online. Bob’s exper­i­ence of sail­ing twice with Tilman to Green­land, and their endur­ing mutu­al respect and friend­ship, help to dis­pel much of the myth sur­round­ing him. You can watch the inter­view here. Incid­ent­ally Bob is an enga­ging speak­er on his Tilman voy­ages and on the man him­self, and you can book him for your club or soci­ety via his web­site.