If I could recall where I read that about George Millar I would happily credit its writer for a statement as close to the truth as makes no practical difference. Having enjoyed the author’s re-issued Oyster River and Isabel and the Sea in recent years, I was a little disappointed to learn that no plans existed to bring A White Boat to a new readership—something we are happy now to do with the agreement of Mr Millar’s literary executor. This is an equal-parts blend of sailing and travel writing, both of the highest order; his architect’s sensibility and journalist’s nose extracting so much more from this voyage from Lymington to the French Riviera, by (unintended) way of Morocco, than we could expect from lesser writers. Sailor and writer Peter Bruce (author and editor of Adlard Coles’ Heavy Weather Sailing) has contributed an Introduction indicating the rare quality of observation and description to be found both ashore and afloat in this absorbing account of a journey around the periphery of post-war western Europe. You can find the book here.