If I could recall where I read that about George Mil­lar I would hap­pily cred­it its writer for a state­ment as close to the truth as makes no prac­tic­al dif­fer­ence. Hav­ing enjoyed the author’s re-issued Oyster River and Isa­bel and the Sea in recent years, I was a little dis­ap­poin­ted to learn that no plans exis­ted to bring A White Boat to a new readership—something we are happy now to do with the agree­ment of Mr Millar’s lit­er­ary execut­or. This is an equal-parts blend of sail­ing and travel writ­ing, both of the highest order; his architect’s sens­ib­il­ity and journalist’s nose extract­ing so much more from this voy­age from Lym­ing­ton to the French Rivi­era, by (unin­ten­ded) way of Morocco, than we could expect from less­er writers. Sail­or and writer Peter Bruce (author and edit­or of Adlard Coles’ Heavy Weath­er Sail­ing) has con­trib­uted an Intro­duc­tion indic­at­ing the rare qual­ity of obser­va­tion and descrip­tion to be found both ashore and afloat in this absorb­ing account of a jour­ney around the peri­phery of post-war west­ern Europe. You can find the book here.