So, he claimed (perhaps in jest), wrote H. W. Tilman in a crew recruitment advertisement in The Times circa 1960. We however offer you the prospect of considerable pleasure (but still no pay) in reading a new Collected Edition, jointly published by Lodestar Books with the climbing specialists Vertebrate Publishing, of every one of Tilman’s 15 books, with his fine biography by his friend J. R. L. Anderson, High Mountains and Cold Seas, to round off the project. Under the shared imprint Tilman Books we are producing two volumes per quarter, one each from Tilman’s climbing and sailing periods, in order of original publication. Each book has a new Foreword by a present-day writer well-placed to offer an appreciation of the author and his achievements, and each contains, for the first time since its original publication, all its original photographs and maps. The first two titles—Snow on the Equator and Mischief in Patagonia—are just out, with Forewords by Sir Chris Bonington and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, respectively. Read more here.