One of the reas­ons these blog posts are so infre­quent is I have a few dis­trac­tions, two of which are Albert Strange yachts. One, Leona (1906) awaits atten­tion when I finally retire (or make me an offer). The other, Emer­ald (built 1937 to a design of 1910), has been in com­mis­sion and sails beau­ti­fully but is cur­rently ashore while I carry out a few jobs — in fact I am back to her tomor­row for a week with the aim of get­ting her ready to launch again this month, or at least in time for the annu­al Albert Strange Meet, this year in late August. Emer­ald is pic­tured inside, and on the back cover of, our book on Albert Strange, and makes a brief appear­ance on screen in Leo Goolden’s recently video’d talk at the Royal Ocean Racing Club in Lon­don, on his Tally Ho pro­ject, where I piped up ‘That’s my boat!’. You can watch the talk, and see the entire Tally Ho pro­ject on video, here.