When the Gov­ernor of the Falk­land Islands—whose depend­en­cies include the island of South Georgia—read our book Viola, The Life and Times of a Hull Steam Trawl­er, presen­ted to him by the team of sal­vage experts who vis­ited the ves­sel late last year, he was suf­fi­ciently impressed by her story to com­mis­sion a set of post­age stamps depict­ing the vari­ous phases of her long career. Their design is based upon images to be seen in the book, and they will be issued by the South Geor­gia Post Office on 21 June. As soon as the Falk­lands Phil­a­tel­ic Bur­eau web­site is repaired, you will be able to order a First Day Cover from them. A press release regard­ing the stamp issue can be read here.

Product Shot - Viola

Talks involving local MP Alan John­son, the book’s co-author Robb Robin­son, and inter­ested local and nation­al bod­ies, regard­ing Viola’s pos­sible repat­ri­ation to Hull and her res­tor­a­tion, are under way and we hope to report good news on that front before too long.

Viola Stamps 1 500