No, not a sailing expression; this week we received the running sheets for our largest and most visually ambitious production: From the Loft Floor to the Sea. These are a complete set of the printed pages, folded and trimmed, but not bound. At this stage the entire run of the book has been printed and is about to proceed to binding and delivery. Our printers, Gomer Press in Wales, have done a magnificent job; our hasty snaps below (no indirect flash was available) do little justice to the vibrancy and feel of the printed result; it’s a real thrill for us to see all our hard work finally on paper. We’ll have the finished books in a week or two, and review copies will be going out. If you’re a sailing journalist or a blogger with reach and think you could use one, please get in touch: info at lodestarbooks dot com (you’ll know what to do with that…)