No, not a sail­ing expres­sion; this week we received the run­ning sheets for our largest and most visu­ally ambi­tious pro­duc­tion: From the Loft Floor to the Sea. These are a com­plete set of the prin­ted pages, fol­ded and trimmed, but not bound. At this stage the entire run of the book has been prin­ted and is about to pro­ceed to bind­ing and deliv­ery. Our print­ers, Gomer Press in Wales, have done a mag­ni­fi­cent job; our hasty snaps below (no indir­ect flash was avail­able) do little justice to the vibrancy and feel of the prin­ted res­ult; it’s a real thrill for us to see all our hard work finally on paper. We’ll have the fin­ished books in a week or two, and review cop­ies will be going out. If you’re a sail­ing journ­al­ist or a blog­ger with reach and think you could use one, please get in touch: info at lode­star­books dot com (you’ll know what to do with that…)