The BFI has recently unearthed and put online ‘lost’ col­our film foot­age of a num­ber of Tilman exped­i­tions. It cur­rently lacks any form of com­ment­ary and needs a bit of an edit. There are links to it on Bob Comlay’s web­site. Two reels fea­ture a 1971 Green­land trip in which Bob Com­lay took part, and he has offered to help the BFI with the com­ment­ary and edit. And yes that’s him pic­tured on the stern of Sea Breeze. In two ‘Mis­chief Goes South’ reels there are glimpses of the ex-Hull steam trawl­er Viola, then called Dias, the sub­ject of our book Viola by Robb Robin­son and Ian Hart. She looks in much bet­ter con­di­tion (this was 1966/7) than in later years. She is the boat to the left in the below screen­shot. Click the images below to access all the foot­age.