Tom Cun­liffe was so taken with Ben Crawshaw’s shoes­tring sail­ing adven­tures on the Catalan Coast of Spain, and with our book in which Ben describes them with great mod­esty and hon­esty, that he secured three entire pages of the new issue of Yacht­ing World to review the book, and print an extract describ­ing Ben’s 120-mile round voy­age to Ibiza. All under the head­ing of Great Seaman­ship. Aye to that!

Quot­ing Tom:

Catalan Cast­away is described as ‘a sail-and-oar story.’ This is true, but the small, beau­ti­fully-illus­trated volume holds so much more than this bald state­ment sug­gests.

He later writes:

The 21st Cen­tury is full of people who want to be the biggest, the first, the greatest and every other super­lat­ive one can think of. Crawshaw isn’t like that. He is at peace in his own skin with noth­ing to prove. By keep­ing his ambi­tions mod­est, he achieves the nearest thing to per­fect free­dom mod­ern West­ern soci­ety has to offer: a boat built by his own hand, well-found, paid for and ready for adven­ture.

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Slider Castaway