Lodestar T-Shirt

Be recognised as a like mind in our rather fetching T-Shirt!

We haven't burdened it with our name—we figured that those who recognise the design won't need it, and others may be sufficiently curious to engage you in conversation. It's well made in high quality dark blue heavyweight cotton, and sizes are generous in girth and length. Wash at 30 degrees and iron on the reverse.

The shirts are sent independently of our books. We used to charge the same wherever you live, but overseas postage is very expensive—it costs us more to post a shirt to the US or Australia than the price of it, so we've had to pass some of this cost on to you—sorry!

Size:          S     M       L       XL      XXL
To fit chest:  34"   36-38"  40-42"  44-46"  48-52"


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