Please check that your address for delivery is correct
and that your book(s) can be received or left somewhere safe.
Delivery failures are loss-making for us — thank you.  

To learn delivery cost at the shopping basket,
click ‘calculate shipping’. You’ll be asked enough address information for the system to be able to tell you.
This is optional, delivery cost will show anyway at the checkout after you’ve entered your address.

Delivery cost is calculated based on weight and the following methods:

Within UK (typically 5 working days)
We use Second Class post for smaller orders, a courier for larger ones
UK delivery is free for orders of £25 value and more, and subsidised by about 50% below that

Other Countries (typically 5-10 working days but varies a lot with the country):
Overseas delivery is subsidised by the value of our subsidy for UK delivery for the same item(s)

Under 2kg: Air Mail (the limit for a single Air Mail packet)

Under 4kg: Air Mail in two packets

4kg and up: You’ll be asked to contact us for a more economical courier rate;
we’ll take your order and send you an e-invoice which you can pay online with a card or using PayPal,
then we’ll get your books on their way