An annual pro bono job here is to lay out the ASA Yearbook, now in the fifth iteration of its swanky format in full colour (except where some of the photos are knocking on a bit); the 2023 Yearbook has just gone to press. Here’s what you’re missing by not stumping up a mere £15 annually. The ASA exists to preserve the world’s memory of Albert Strange, and also to foster interest in traditional boats, their building and sailing. It sends out a monthly email Newsletter which is always an entertaining and informative read. Many of us (a relative term – it won’t be a stampede) will be at this year’s Annual General Meeting at Bangor, North Wales, on the second weekend in March. Might see you there? You can turn up and join on the day! More information on the ASA website.

* Anyone recall Dr. Strangely Strange? No relation AFAIK