For us, it’s all about the phys­ic­al book; but we have a num­ber of out-of-print titles whose fur­ther sales pro­spects would not jus­ti­fy a reprint, at least not of our nor­mal high qual­ity, so we are releas­ing some of these as e-books. Because Lode­star books are known for fine typo­graphy and lay­out as well as inspir­ing source mater­i­al, our e-books are PDF format only, to faith­fully repro­duce the look of the prin­ted page. They will be found on our Shop page with ‘pdf e-book’ appen­ded to their name.

PDFs can be read on PC, Mac (and other) com­puters, tab­lets, later model e-read­ers, and smart­phones. On an e-read­er such as Kindle, a small tab­let, or a smart­phone, you’ll find the text easi­er to read with the device held in land­scape mode, as this increases its size. E-read­er man­u­fac­tur­ers provide inform­a­tion and tools to get PDF files onto their devices — please check this out for your device before order­ing as we can­not advise on every cir­cum­stance.

When you make an e-book pur­chase it may take a minute for the check­out page to be updated with a down­load link (try refresh­ing it), but any­way it’s OK to close that page and wait for the link to reach your email inbox. The link is good for 3 days. If you some­how lose the PDF later, just con­tact us for a replace­ment.

We trust you will respect the efforts and legal rights of author and/or pub­lish­er by not mak­ing unau­thor­ised cop­ies of our e-books.