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Lodestar Books and Vertebrate Publishing are proud and delighted to announce com­ple­tion of their col­lec­ted edi­tion of the books of H. W. Tilman—surely Britain’s most accom­plished inde­pend­ent explorer by both land and sea. Tilman’s seven moun­tain­eer­ing titles, his eight sail­ing titles, plus the bio­graphy High Mountains and Cold Seas by J. R. L. Anderson mak­ing six­teen volumes in all, appeared in pairs at quarterly inter­vals over the two years from September 2015. You can buy them singly, or the full set at a sub­stan­tial dis­count.

Each book con­tains all of the text, pho­to­graphs and maps of its first edi­tion, and each has a new Foreword, and some an Afterword, by a present-day writer well-qual­i­fied to offer an appre­ci­ation of Tilman and the activ­it­ies, be they climb­ing or sail­ing, he him­self relates with char­ac­ter­ist­ic mod­esty and dry humour.

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Sir Chris Bonington has con­trib­uted the Foreword to Snow on the Equator, and Sir Robin Knox-Johnston that for Mischief in Patagonia. Both are avowed Tilman fans—indeed they sailed and climbed togeth­er in the early 1990s in east­ern Greenland, get­ting there aboard Sir Robin’s world-gird­ling yacht Suhaili. Series research­er Bob Comlay is a vet­er­an of two Tilman voy­ages to Greenland in the early 1970s, and has con­trib­uted an Afterword to Mischief in Patagonia describ­ing his own exper­i­ence and impres­sion of Tilman as both sail­or and exped­i­tion lead­er. Contributors to the other volumes include: Doug Scott, Tom Cunliffe, John Porter, Roger Taylor, Gerda Pauler, Ed Douglas, Simon Yates, Libby Purves, Bob Shepton, Skip Novak, Colin Putt.

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This pro­ject has been a true col­lab­or­at­ive effort between naut­ic­al pub­lish­er Lodestar Books and climb­ing pub­lish­er Vertebrate Publishing: The books have been edited, and type­set in time­less style, by Dick Wynne of Lodestar; the dis­tinct­ive cover designs were cre­ated by Jane Beagley of Vertebrate; phys­ic­al pro­duc­tion fea­tures a robust sewn soft bind­ing, with matt lam­in­ated, flapped covers.

You can see a video inter­view with Bob Comlay, who sailed twice with Tilman to Greenland whilst still in his teens, and is our edit­or­i­al research­er on the series, here.

Bob’s illus­trated talk Travels with Tilman can be seen here.

We hope you’ll agree with us that in this new, attract­ive and com­plete format,
the books of H. W. Tilman merit a place in every lib­rary of travel and explor­a­tion literature.

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* So stated a crew recruit­ment advert­ise­ment allegedly placed in The Times by Tilman circa 1960.

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