Albert Strange had a gift for what might be styled ‘companionable writing;’ the ability to take the reader with him, in imagination, on his voyaging reminiscences. One of these experiences is related here, a cruise in the Cherub II, “My most beloved boat” as Strange described her in the article, which first appeared in Yachting Monthly in 1911.

We join the little yawl in the Solent, then set off up the Channel to round the Foreland and enter the mouth of the Thames, then into the Medway. Strange recalled his youthful pleasures on board the Gravesend sailing bawleys, one of the most revealing passages in his writings and one which is all the more interesting in that he had made a stowboating trip after sprats, in winter, which says much for his determination to see something of fishing under sail and its hardships. But why delay enjoyment? Let Strange tell the story.

This is part 1 of the yarn which appeared in two instalments in The Yachting Monthly in 1911 and described events some years before. The rest of the yarn, and others, may be found in our book Albert Strange, Yacht Designer and Artist.

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