The Lugworm Chronicles

The classic of open boat cruising

Ken Duxbury

With a new Introduction by ROGER BARNES

President of The Dinghy Cruising Association

Dick, you are a triumph! — Ken Duxbury (!)

Ken is unfailingly plucky and resourceful. One of the generation who fought in the Second World War, he retains the laconic language of his Navy days—a rough sea is for him a “wetting sea.” His writing is humorous and vivacious, and illustrated with his own drawings and photographs. The drawings are a sheer delight: well-observed and economical. No one will reach the last page of his three books included in this volume without wanting to buy a small seaworthy dinghy and sail in the author’s wake—and why not? 
Roger Barnes

Open boat cruising has never been more popular, in the doing or the reading of it; magazines, websites, associations and events around the world attest to this, and of course the countless sailors who just ‘get on with it’ in their own unassuming manner. Two such, some 40 years ago, long before today’s explosion of activity, were Ken Duxbury and his wife B; Ken’s three volumes recounting their adventures in the 18ft Drascombe Lugger Lugworm delighted many, this writer included, at that time, yet the books have been largely unavailable since. Imagine our pleasure at locating Ken still going strong — but as an artist not a sailor these days — enjoying his eighties at home in Cornwall with B. [Now in his nineties!—Ed] He was thrilled at the prospect of Lugworm sailing again in print, and was even able to provide the negatives for most of the books’ photographs, ensuring their good reproduction quality.

The light touch of Ken’s writing belies the sheer ambition, resourcefulness and seamanship which infuse these voyages. And beyond pure sailing narratives, the books convey the unique engagement with land and people which is achieved by approaching under sail in a small boat. Lugworm inspired a generation in her day, and can now inspire another.

Lugworm on the Loose describes how Ken and B quit the ‘rat race’ and explored the Greek islands under sail.

Lugworm Homeward Bound recounts their voyage home from Greece to England.

Lugworm Island Hopping has Ken and B exploring the Scilly Isles and the Hebrides.

Our hardcover edition of Ken's trilogy has sold out, yet Lugworm is still in demand. We are delighted to make these yarns available in an omnibus edition, in our high-quality softcover format.

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ISBN 978-1-907206-28-3; 216 x 156mm, 496 pages, mono photos, maps, drawings. Softcover with sewn binding, cover flaps and matt lamination.


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