The Temptress Voyages – PDF E-Book

Singe-handed Passage – Temptress Returns

Edward Allcard

In a single volume, Edward Allcard’s epic two crossings of the ­Atlantic in the mid-twentieth century in his thirty-four-foot, forty-year-old yawl Temptress.

Single-handed Passage: Sailing six thousand miles in eighty days, Allcard makes the classic southern route trade-wind crossing westward, and not without incident—severe gales, thief-catching in Spain, avoiding a seductive blonde in Gibraltar, encountering sharks and shoals of flying fish, and narrowly escaping falling overboard to his death when knocked out by gear falling from aloft.

Temptress Returns: Allcard’s plan to dodge the worst of the hurrican season on his return voyage is not accommodated by the elements. Through gales and headwinds, and one ­terrible storm, he takes seventy-four days to reach the Azores from New York, arriving minus his mizzen mast, desperately exhausted, injured, and hungry. The next leg, to Casablanca, is enlivened by a female stowaway, before he makes a safe return to England.

Whether describing the pleasures or the trials, the phosphorescent nights or the storms, the operation of his ship or his own introspections, Edward Allcard eloquently conveys his deep appreciation of the sea, and the escape from modern civilisation it offers him.

ISBN 978-1-907206-57-3 (print edition); 198 x 129mm, 420pp. PDF E-Book. Mono photos, maps, drawings.

The paperback version is here.



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