All Aboard! — Around Britain with Help from My Friends

All Aboard! — Around Britain with Help from My Friends

Having told so many friends and family of his plan, when retired, to sail around Great Britain, Rod Shiers was finally obliged to deliver in 2013, pressing into service many of the same people as the very assorted relay crew for his 32ft Westerly Fulmar. The prelude... read more

Albert Strange—Yacht Designer and Artist

We are delighted and privileged to bring you our new edition of this book written in 1990 by the late John Leather, based on research by The Albert Strange Association. The ASA was formed in the late 1970s following the chance discovery, by a historian of the... read more

Tom Cunliffe on ‘Catalan Castaway’ in Yachting World

Tom Cunliffe was so taken with Ben Crawshaw’s shoestring sailing adventures on the Catalan Coast of Spain, and with our book in which Ben describes them with great modesty and honesty, that he secured three entire pages of the new issue of Yachting World to... read more

‘Blokes’ and ‘An Eye’ in Yachting Monthly

Colin Jarman reviewed Blokes Up North and An Eye for a Boat in October’s Yachting Monthly; here are some highlights. Of Blokes, the account by two Royal Marines officers of their North-west Passage expedition in a 17ft open boat : Written with alternating... read more

CB250 Centenarian ‘Sauntress’ is no square…

Readers of Classic Boat magazine will hardly need introducing to Sauntress, the stunning 28ft gaff cutter built in 1913 by Wright & Harris in Cardiff. She made the CB ‘Top 200′ boats in a reader poll some years ago, so of course was still listed when... read more

The Chandlery at the North End of the West End

At the top end of London’s Shaftesbury Avenue there has existed, for the past 125 years, and elsewhere for 400 years altogether as a maker and supplier of rope, the yacht chandlery Arthur Beale Ltd. It has somehow survived into 2014 with no online presence, and... read more

‘Catalan Castaway’ gets a wonderful review…

… from two writers who really know what they’re talking about. Both Keith Muscott and Paul Constantine put pen to paper for the latest issue of Dinghy Cruising, the quarterly journal of the Dinghy Cruising Association, and we thank them profusely for their... read more

The Falmouth Raid

Well, we got to the Raid, via the End of the Road Festival, where Teal rested in a field for a few days! Our thanks to Keith and Marion Mosley in my ‘ex’, Bunny, for this snap of us, in which the sail was hoisted not quite high enough for good visibility... read more

Strangers in the bight*

* [Sorry!] A large (and often only slightly receding) bay. Some readers will know that I am heavily implicated in The Albert Strange Association, a body which celebrates the life and work of that artist, writer and yacht designer. There are not that many Strange boats... read more

We’re all over CB like a rash!

Last year Classic Boat magazine’s Editor, Dan Houston, called to ask if I’d mind the magazine running some material from our encyclopaedic Cruising Hints by Francis B. Cooke. Well of course not! I sent over the book and thought no more about it until the... read more

Introducing TEAL

After being the keeper of a number of classic wooden craft from 13ft to 33, I have come full-circle and returned to ‘sail & oar’ as the best fit for my current rather busy circumstances. TEAL is a superb build by Fabian Bush of Rowhedge in Essex (and... read more

I love the smell of printer’s ink in the morning!

Apologies for the length of this our inaugural blog post—it will not be typical! The five-year experiment that has been Lodestar Books has reached a watershed lately, with the adoption of a new look and feel for most of our output. By moving from short-run digital... read more

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