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Our new H W Tilman Collected Edition has now reached 10 of the 16 volumes to be published by next June, and is gathering some serious attention. Yachting Monthly have selected for their ‘Book at Bunktime’ (!) in the November issue Tilman’s gripping...

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In 2012 I discovered The Invisible Workshop, the boatbuilding and sailing blog run by Ben Crawshaw from his home on the Catalan coast of Spain, featuring Onawind Blue, his self-built Light Trow design by Gavin Atkin. His blog has been quiet of late but...

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Some readers will know that I am fairly heavily implicated in The Albert Strange Association—the fan club for that Victorian/Edwardian ‘Rennaissance Man’. England’s East Coast (as we call the Thames Estuary, compared to which England’s...

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You’ll have spotted that our latest title Messing About in Boats has just appeared. As a correspondent familiar with the first edition wrote to me yesterday, a delightful book of real sailing from a man who comes over as being kind, compassionate and...

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We heard the other day from Viola principal author Robb Robinson, who tells us: We have secured the support of the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) and their permission to recover the vessel, providing we carry out an environmental...