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We are very sad to report the death on Wednesday 10 August, at the age of 92, of Ken Duxbury. Ken’s long career embraced Naval service, sailing instruction, founding the boatbuilding business which was later to become Cornish Crabbers, sailing journalism in...

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Sabrina, left, and cover girl Mischief III are examples of Harrison Butler’s 26ft Yonne design,and in fact a third example was there at Beaulieu last night with a further 6 HB beauties, for the Harrison Butler Association’s autumn meet and dinner. Your...

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So, he claimed (perhaps in jest), wrote H. W. Tilman in a crew recruitment advertisement in The Times circa 1960. We however offer you the prospect of considerable pleasure (but still no pay) in reading a new Collected Edition, jointly published by Lodestar Books with...

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If I could recall where I read that about George Millar I would happily credit its writer for a statement as close to the truth as makes no practical difference. Having enjoyed the author’s re-issued Oyster River and Isabel and the Sea in recent years, I was a little...

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When the Governor of the Falkland Islands—whose dependencies include the island of South Georgia—read our book Viola, The Life and Times of a Hull Steam Trawler, presented to him by the team of salvage experts who visited the vessel late last year, he was sufficiently...